About Health Matters Canada

Learn about who we are, our origin story, and our commitment to the environment.

About Health Matters Canada

About Us

Health Matters Canada is a distributor of Certified Organic, Kosher and Gluten Free health and wellness products. From raw superfoods to supplements, herbal teas and personal care products, Health Matters Canada is committed to offering natural health products that help one achieve optimal prevention, regeneration and longevity. We do this while maintaining a deep understanding and commitment to the health of our planet.

We are the manufacturer and distributor of Organic Traditions superfoods, and we currently distribute the following brands in Canada: Master Amino Acid Pattern (supplements), Pukka Herbs (teas), and Frenchtop (hair products).

Our Story

When Jerry Zeifman, president of Health Matters Canada, found no solution to his health issues with conventional medicine, he turned to natural remedies and discovered the answers he needed.

"Health Matters evolved from my own experience. My journey into health began over 20 years ago. I found a natural solution to an ongoing health issue that went on for years. This moment changed my life and redirected my life's mission to offering people strategies for prevention, regeneration and longevity."

"I shifted my focus and dedicated myself to the healing power of foods and herbs and have never looked back. In my own search for wellness I discovered powerful superfoods that were packed with a healing bounty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As I incorporated more and more of these foods into my daily diet, I realized how essential every food choice is each and every day. My search for nature's most powerful, healing foods had begun."

Health Matters and Organic Traditions grew out of this desire to nourish people with the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet. "My passion is to inspire others to experience a new found level of wellness and vitality. Superfoods are incredible tools for transformation. I encourage you and your family to incorporate them into your daily life and nourish yourselves with the best that nature has to offer."

Health Matters is committed to offering only the very best nutritional strategies, superfoods and wellness products for optimal health and well being.

Jerry in Field Jerry in Field
About Our Eco-Mission

Our Eco-Mission

For us at Health Matters Canada, the desire to go green within is bound to a commitment to preserve and protect our precious planet. Issues of sustainability and environmental consciousness shape the decisions we make everyday. We source Organic, wildcrafted and ethically grown ingredients and only represent brands that share this core value.

At Health Matters Canada we are committed to supporting farmers who are dedicated to the principles of sustainable agriculture and we support farming communities and ecosystems through fair trade initiatives wherever possible.